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When originality counts, let G G Jingles enhance your performance and put the entertainment back into Dressage to Music, by applying our professional skills and competition knowledge.


Gain the competitive advantage of our experience and access to our dedicated extensive instrumental CD library and online resources.


With over twenty years' experience producing accessible, affordable and successful freestyle programmes, we can save you the stress and cost of searching for suitable music, so that you and your trainer are free to concentrate on the most important elements - your horse and yourself,


Produced by riders for riders, our customer base ranges from those who just want to enjoy riding to music at a basic level, through Riding Clubs, Express Eventing, Quadrilles, Side Saddle displays, RDA and Police Display Teams to Grand Prix riders.


We have no ties to a specific trainer, so you can be assured of our impartiality, but are willing to work with any independent trainer or coach you have.


All our Pure Kür© programmes are made individually for you and your horse, matched as precisely as possible to it's specific paces and character, to maintain musicality and the composer's original vision. Due to the usable repertoire of music in the public domain being a limited one, we may, at some point, use some of your final selection for other riders, though we do try to avoid this happening and never sell one person's programme to another.