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Contact us first by telephone or email to discuss your ideas, music preferences and possible competition dates.


We will then ask you to send video footage or a view of the proposed test, showing large clear images of your horse at each pace, after working in, this can be on a DVD, memory card, memory stick, certain tape formats or video link - You Tube private link preferred though other formats may be acceptable, please discuss with us.


From this we would usually provide you with a themed and pace-matched selection CD with four walk, four trot and four canter selections to ride to and choose from.


New customers will be asked to send a non-returnable deposit in advance, this is not banked until after the despatch the selection CD.


On completion of the project an invoice will be raised for the balance and reflecting current industry practice, the finished programme with related paperwork will not be released until payment is received in full.


Only then will the two finished CDs and appropriate information to register with BD be sent.


Price list available on request.